Artemis Search has worked only within well-defined niche markets for many years, developing a 97% track record in identifying and soliciting interest from industries top talent. Using our team of researchers and network of contacts developed over many years, Artemis Search identifies and approaches the very best available talent and present your organisation and opportunity to them.

Applicants are interviewed, tested and screened, paying attention to their motives for looking to change position and a shortlist is forwarded.

Key points about our Executive/Retained Search Services:

  • Every assignment is started from scratch. We undertake in-depth research for your role, therefore ensuring we identify the highest calibre candidates working today.
  • Communication between us is critical. We will keep you updated about the progress we are making on a daily basis.
  • Advertising and the wider support framework in conjunction with our pro-active and targeted advertising campaign is conducted.
  • Targeted social media campaigns – social media is taking traditional recruiting tasks and activities and accelerating and evolving them into more useful, more effective, and more wide-reaching tools for busy recruiters and all types of job seekers.
  • Video advertising - inviting hiring managers and key stakeholders to participate by discussing the work environment and company culture leaves candidates feeling more involved in the recruitment process. Additionally, by recording bespoke scheduled job announcements via our various video platforms invariably impresses candidates.
  • Unique landing page as part of our Executive Search and Selection Service - we build our clients a unique landing page for their vacancy to increase awareness and showcase the business campaigns they are running.